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Wish list Wish list

One of the many ways you can help the PAWS Humane Society is by donating any of the items we are in need of to help care for the animals or support the shelter. If you can provide for any of the things we’ve listed below please contact us and let us know.  All donations are tax deductible.

Animal supplies
    Animal Carriers   
Small and Medium cat carriers are needed.

    Cats toys   
    Collars for Dogs and Cats   
Collars for cats and dogs. Dog collars size: small, medium and large needed.

    Dog Bed Donations   

    Dogs toys   
Sturdy, hard plastic. Not soft or made of material. We need to be able to wash these.

Preferably Science Diet.

    Kitty litter   
Scoopable kitty litter preferred

    Retractable dog leashes   
    Stainless steel bowls   
For dogs only. They love dog bisquits and treats. We always need rawhide chews or safe bones for chewing. Kong toys are great!

    Warm blankets   

Shelter Supplies
    2 Ceramic Heaters   Urgently needed!
For the new Isolation Building soon to be finished.

    Comet Cleanser with bleach   
    Counter top   Urgently needed!
For the new Isolation building.

    Cupboards- new   Urgently needed!
Big thank you to Jeff Powell and his Eagle Scout Project, his parents and all those who have helped him construct our new Isolation Building. We are so thankful to all who have helped. We have needed this building for so long and to have our dreams finally come true is very exciting for us!! Thank you Jeff!

    Dish and hand soap   
Antibacterial dish soap to wash food bowls and antibacterial hand soap for staff and muddy paws.

    Funds for paint for dog kennels   
Paint cost is about $40.00 per gallon.

    Old newspapers   
No ad papers please.

    Paint   Urgently needed!
We need money for exterior paint, and also many energetic painters!

    Paper towels   
    Used towels or rags   

    Homes for our animals   
Finding a loving home for each and every one of our PAWS animals is always needed.

    Monetary Donations   Urgently needed!
Donations of money are always appreciated to purchase supplies, medicine for our animals, and other necessities.

Desperate need for funding for spaying and neutering.

    Volunteers to walk dogs!   
Would like high school age or with parents please.


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